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AOR (Advanced Orthomolecular Research)
(note, AOR prices increased in July 2010)

AOR's Peak-K2 15 mg Menatetrenone(MK-4)    Retail: $67.00, Sale: $49.49

AOR Cardio Mag 2.0, 500 mg, 60 vegi-caps    Regular price: $50.00, Sale: $37.50
Methylcobalamin Ultra, 15mg (15000 mcg), 60 lz     Retail: $68.00 Sale: $57.80 !!!

AOR Ortho-Core  Discounted to the max!!      Regular: $75.00, Sale: $56.25

AOR Strontium Support 341 mg, 60 vegi-caps     Retail: $35.50, Sale: $22.20


Food Science of Vermont (FoodScience brand):

Dietary Supplements ** specials **

Regular Low Price

Super Price

FoodScience AANGAMIK™ DMG 125 mg, 90 Tab



FoodScience Behavior Balance - DMG™, 120 Cap



FoodScience CholestSafe™, 90 Caps



FoodScience Daily Best, Vegetarian, 60 Tabs



  FoodScience Devil's Claw 90 Cap $21.20 $15.98

FoodScience Discovery, 180 Tabs.



FoodScience Green Tea-70, 60 Caps.



FoodScience Sea Mussel Plus 180 Tabs



FoodScience Sea Mussel Plus 90 Tabs



FoodScience Superior Red's , 30 svgs



Lower Back Pain? Looking for Food Science Devil's (Devil) Claw? (see special sale price, above)
      FoodScience of Vermont's 500-mg capsules ..."  ref:  Prevention Magazine, April 2005 issue, page 90. 


Jarrow Formulas (Jarrow Brand):

Jarrow BoneUp 240 caps       Retail: $ 25.95, Sale: $18.17

SAM-e 200 , 60 tabs,200mg.      Retail: $ 39.95, Sale: $29.96

Phosphatidylserine PS-100 120 caps 100 mg,      Retail: $51.95, Sale: $38.96

Neuro Optimizer, 120 caps.     Retail: $ 49.95, Sale: $ 34.97

Methyl-B12,Methylcobalamin 60 lozenges 5000 mcg.,    Retail: $29.95, Sale: $19.95

Jarro-Dophilus EPS 60 caps.(Best Probiotic Formulation),    Retail: $ 20.95, Sale: $14.67

.. we're committed to both offering great prices AND supporting Jarrow Formulas
in their efforts to maintain
the value of their product line as well as (see our "news" section)


Planetary Formulas  (Planetary Herbals Brand)

Convenient link for Complete Line of Planetary Formulas Special Discount prices



Phoenix Nutritionals (PhoenixNutritionals Brand):




Source Naturals (SourceNaturals brand):

Convenient link for Complete Line of Source Naturals Special Discount prices




PETS: Pet Naturals of Vermont & US Animal Nutritionals of Vermont

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                      Common Use / Interest / Conditions*        

Ultra Bone-Up Joint Builder
LiquiDaily Bio Cplt. CALCIUM PLUS,16oz Joint Flow, 120 caps
Bio Complete Calcium Plus, 120 caps
  Relaxing/Calming / Sleeping
Eyes Methylcobalamin
Vision Optimizer Melatonin Sustain
Lutein Mellow Tonin
Bilberry 100:1 + Grapeskin Theanine
Cold Season/Immune System Digestive Tract / Bowel
Colostrum Fiber Perfect
Echinacea TH-1 Probiotics
ImmuGuard, 60 caps Jarro-Zymes Plus
  Bromelain 1000
Health Concerns -- Men  Glycemic Balance
Hi-Lignan Flax Seed Fiber ToxiCleanse, 8 oz. 
Prostate Optimizer Digest AID, 90 caps 
Cran Clearance Jarro-Dophilus EPS, Probiotic Formulation
Prost EZE (formerly Prost AID), 120 caps
   Heart & Circulation
Health Concerns -- Women Chewable CoQ10 + Creatine
Women's Multi LCarnitine+CoQ10+B5
MidLife Ease Hawthorn
Menstra Calm Folic Acid
Cal-Mag-D Ribose Powder
Hi-Lignan Flax Seed Fiber Heart Wise, 180 caps 
Cran Clearance
FemmeFactor, 2 oz  Memory / Brain Health
Meno EZE, 90 caps  Neuro Defense
Fibro EZE, 90 caps  CDP Choline
  Neuro Optimizer
Energy and Vitality Theanine
Liquid Carnitine 1000 Cogni-Flex
Isotonic Minerals Max DHA
Glycemic Balance
Tribulus Complex Diet / Weight Loss
  Glycemic Balance
Essential Nutrition  Lo Han Sweet - 2.8oz
Essential Balance Jr.  Iso-Rich Soy + Greens
Essential Balance Oil GlucoBalance, 90 caps
Iso-Rich Soy
LiquiDaily Supreme  Relaxing/Calming / Sleeping
LiquiDaily ESSENTIALS, 32 oz.  Methylcobalamin
  Melatonin Sustain
Joints  Mellow Tonin
Joint Builder Theanine
Glucosamine-Chondroitin Combination Stress EZE, 120 caps 

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