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Stress Can Kill You!

It has been said that stress is the prime cause of all disease and discomfort in the body.  This is because the stress response within the body causes such a powerful biochemical process to take place, that it can affect literally every organ and system within the human form.

Everyone has experienced the side effects of a stressful situation.  If we have a particularly stressful experience and then try to eat a meal, often we are running for an antacid or some other preparation shortly thereafter.  This is because the stress response shuts down the production of natural hydrochloric acid and enzymes necessary for the digestion of food.  The food sits in the stomach and ferments, causing feelings of fullness, bloating, heartburn , and other gastrointestinal disturbances.

This is but one small example of how stress can interfere with natural bodily functions. Stress can lead to, or certainly contribute to, a wide variety of chronic degenerative diseases..  Stress has been directly implicated in many types of cancer, because stress has a direct negative effect upon the human immune system.  Considering these facts, the management of stress becomes very important, not only to ensure peace of mind, but to provide insurance against more serious health problems.

Everyone has stress in their lives. Not all stress is bad.  In fact, it isn't even the amount of stress in one's life that is necessarily detrimental.  Stress that we can manage is relatively harmless.  Stress we feel we cannot manage is deadly, because it is unmanageable stress that causes the most chemical changes within the body.  This booklet will discuss what stress actually is and how you can take specific steps, both nutritionally and through relaxation techniques, to manage stress more effectively.  While no one can eliminate stress completely, we can learn to manage it quite easily.  If you feel you are under excess stress or if you have any chronic degenerative disease, then you NEED this booklet.  Effective management of  your health challenge can only be achieved when the management of stress is included as part of the overall program.

The above is taken from the back cover of the booklet,
authored by K. Steven Whiting Ph.D.
published by the Institute of Nutritional Science. 
Reproduced by permission.

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