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LiquiDaily Oxy-Aloe:
Stabilized Oxygen in a a base of Aloe and Noni


Oxygen is the most essential element for life. A lack of oxygen can contribute to many health challenges. This excellent product increases oxygen to the living system of the body while providing the health and healing benefits of both aloe vera and T. noni . This unique combination is available nowhere else. While there are several `oxygen' products on the market, many utilize chlorine dioxide as a source of oxygen, which produces chlorine free radicals within the body. We use only pure food grade stabilized oxygen, the same oxygen formulation currently in use in the largest holistic hospitals around the world. This is the same formulation that has been successfully used in those facilities as part of a total program to manage a variety of chronic conditions, including cancer. No other oxygen product has been tested and used longer.

Serving Size 1 oz ... ... ...
Serving per container 32 ... ... ...
Per 1 ounce Serving: ... ... % Daily Value
Calories 10 ... ... ...
Total Carbohydrate 3 gm ... 1%
Sugars 2 gm ... ...

Percent Daily values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Contains less than 2% of the daily value of these nutrients. Daily value not established.

Other ingredients: Deionized water, aloe vera pulp (leaf), Tahitian Noni Juice, 35% (food grade) hydrogen peroxide, natural fruit concentrate flavors, stevia

There are no added sugars, fillers of starches

Suggested Use: Adults take 1 oz. 1/2 hour prior to or three hours following a meal or as directed by your health care practitioner.

NOTICE: This product contains aloe vera. Read and follow directions carefully. Do not use if you have or develop diarrhea, loose stools, or abdominal pain because aloe vera may worsen these conditions and be harmful to your health. Consult your physician if you have frequent diarrhea or if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition.

Excerpted from a lecture by K. Steven Whiting Ph.D., Director, Institute of Nutritional Science. Reproduced by permission.

Oxygen, the most essential substance for life, is used by the body for many functions other than oxygenation of cells. Oxygen is used to cleanse and detoxify the body. Every toxin, which enters the internal environment of the human body must be broken down into base elements in order to be safely excreted. Oxygen accomplishes this through a process called oxygen reduction.

Inactivity, over exposure to toxic substances from our environment, and a diet poor in nutrition, all call for an increase in oxygen usage. This can cause an oxygen deficit at the cellular level, resulting in hyper-toxicity.

Further, since most of the invading bacteria and virus, which can potentially cause illness to the body, are anaerobic, increasing oxygen in the bloodstream can effectively destroy many of these pathogens on contact. Through the use of liquid oxygen, we have been able to improve the health of thousands of our clients and patients who had been suffering from yeast infections, candidiasis, inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, and other chronic conditions.

It is important however, to use a liquid oxygen which is completely stable. Also the source of oxygen is important in that it must not contribute any by-products, which can cause further toxic overload. Many oxygen products on the market are either unstable and loose their oxygen potency after a couple of months or they are made up of a substance called chlorine dioxide. In either case, these would be unacceptable. In the first case, a product with little or no oxygen can't really help you and secondly, if chlorine dioxide is used, which is most often the case, you end up with chlorine free radicals as the by-product of breakdown and these radicals are known carcinogens or cancer causing agents. Here at The Institute, we use only pure food grade 35% hydrogen peroxide, in a stabilized, buffered liquid suspension. This is the same formulation as used by the leading alternative hospitals around the world in the management of many difficult chronic conditions, including cancer.

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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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